Lombok Tour Package

Indonesia is of course world-famous for its beautiful tourist spots, one of which is Bali. But apart from this travel destination which is quite ubiquitous in web searches for Indonesian travel, there are other tourist destinations in the country which are equally gorgeous although not equally hyped, and one of these is Lombok. Lombok boasts of attractions such as Rinjani which is popular among trekkers; Senggigi which is known for its sweeping bays; and Sumbawa which is known for offering visitors an opportunity for good surf. Especially for first-time visitors who are on a Lombok tour package, the following point of attractions will elaborate why Lombok is such a memorable place.

Mount Rinjani National Park

A component of the world-famous Ring of Fire, Mount Rinjani is also known as Indonesia’s second-highest mountain. It is traditionally considered as a sacred spot both by the locals of Lombok and Bali, and folklore has it that the top of the mountain is a dwelling place of Gods. The Segara Anak crater of Mount Rinjani draws thousands of pilgrims who take a bath and make offerings in the water for the purpose of having their diseases cured.

A home for various flora and fauna such as Belibis, an endemic duck, Mount Rinjani is also a model of eco-tourism in Indonesia, offering visitors an opportunity for exhilarating trek expeditions and magnificent scenery. A trek, which starts either at Sembalun in the east or Senaru in the north, consumes three days before taking the trekker to the mountain’s summit.

Senggigi Beach Town and Resort

Currently, Senggigi is known as the most developed area for tourism in Lombok. Modern establishments and facilities are available such as luxury hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars, and discotheques. The area also boasts of fine sandy beaches, and a night-time skyline filled with glittering lantern lights from a fleet of fishing lines up offshore. It is also a vantage point for witnessing blood-red sunsets over neighboring Bali.

The Gili Islands

Sprawled off Lombok’s northwest coast is the majestic Gili Islands, a perfect aggregate of three coral islands that have consistently drawn visitors from all over the world for their pristine waters which are conducive for great snorkeling and diving experience. The islands’ natural ambiance has been preserved to this day, and even transportation is still by way of the traditional cidomo (horse cart), modern transportation such as cars and motorbikes being prohibited by local legislation.

Apart from the popular attractions discussed above, a stay in Lombok offers excellent opportunities for activities such as partying, shopping and dining, scuba diving and other water sports, nighttime entertainment, sports activities, and relaxation in spas and massage bars. As it is, it only necessitates an exploring spirit to fully enjoy what a good Lombok tour package can offer.